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Israeli Dancing 5pc

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Israeli Dancing 5pc

Jewish Music & Events

With Ashkenazi and Sephardi heritage, Daniel delights in exploring both the contemporary and traditional repertoire that creates the perfect atmosphere of delirious dance-offs and mesmerizing mazeltovs so characteristics of Jewish weddings 

The London Swing and Soul Band – founded by Daniel Benisty – started off as The London Swing Band, but evolved over the years to incorporate almost every imageinable type of music … including Soul, Rock, Pop, Jazz, RnB, Gospel, Reggae, Latin, Russian, Polish, Israeli, Arabic, Flamenco, Bossa, Samba, Salsa, Ska, Funk and of course, good old Rock ‘n’ Roll. 

The London Swing and Soul Band take pride in creating the most varied repertoire imaginable, from mellow ballad to soul, upbeat swing to latin, funk and RnB. 

The final set list for our events is almost always a combination of the strongest repertoire of the current band, plus the favourite suggestions of our client. 

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